Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010 Cervelo P3

The most copied TT/Tri bike in history

OK, so this bike has won more than any other in history – by a country mile. But more importantly, it is the most used bike at Ironman racing and time trialing ever – by “regular” customers. No wonder it is still the reference for the entire bike industry, and the most copied bike in history. Yet its popularity remains, because the original is still unmatched. And in 2010, it is also available in an Ultegra version, so it is within reach of even more people.

Upgrades from P2

More aero seattube - The curved seattube covers more of the rearwheel than any other cutout, resulting in even better aerodynamics. More aero seatstay/seattube transition - The seatstays blend into the main triangle without any aerodynamic disruption in the form of a monostay, thereby further improving the aerodynamics. Cervelo Aero fork - The fork developed as part of the P4 project is now also available on the P3. Lighter - The P3 is 150g lighter than the P2.

Source : cervelo

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